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Dear motorsport fans,

"ONLY FLYING IS BETTER!" will many racers have said in the former GDR, as they have chosen to racing as their sports career. And it is true, on the gas and in a few seconds you have arrived in the speed there, of which the ordinary drivers can only dream about. There is a bit of freedom, it is the otherness, it is the challenge. The former system has this effect amplified - get out of the daily grind.

This homepage should tell of a time that was still, man against man with almost the same "weapons" marked by the classic motorsport. So existed between technology and driving skills a balance. The slogan that describes this time, could hot "is won in the curves." It won its follow the one who had his technique under control and went with courage and a healthy risk appetite at the start. It was still the time when tire change times and stable strategies did not affect the outcome of a valiant race.

hide hundreds of interesting stories, some of which will be told in the following pages behind this indicator.

A journalist who was researching a documentary about the Motosport the east on this website, brought it to the point:

You are The Schumacher of the East!

With this sentence he summed up his knowledge about our services under prevailing conditions together. More praise and recognition it could not give.

This documentation provides all the opportunity to optimize their own archives to search for contacts and knowledge of motorsport in the former East Germany, in particular in the years 1980 to 1989 Class B8, later E1300 / E1600 to complete. However, it is also those aids and suggestions be commemorating write the history of motor sport or wish to report objectively about him. I wish you a lot of fun!

With sporting regards

Jürgen Meissner

In my archives are:

Photos, posters, videos, brochures, autograph pictures, route passes, participant lists, technical documents, tender documents and much more.

Motorsport friends, fans and enthusiasts are called to search their archives for photos and stories that are interesting and original and could enrich this website valuable.


The racetracks in East Germany, as the Sachsenring, Schleiz (oldest natural track in Europe) and Frohburg required enormous achievements and courage of the driver. The race car average speeds reached up to 165 km / h maximum speeds up to 265 km / h with leitplanke free roads. Viewership of often more than 300,000 in one weekend were the reward for hard work, the mechanic and racer, with small contributions from the Sports Association. There were phrases such as: "Nothing is impossible!" embossed sign of tireless action, lack of spare parts and material difficulties had their permanent influence on success or failure. At that time an amateur sport, as one can not wish him better: the same conditions for all participants have shaped the sporting value "man to man".

So we want to remember the GDR masters who have shown outstanding performance, but also in the racers that helped shape the racing history to 1989, such as, but Hans-Dieter Kessler, Heinz Siegert, Jürgen Meissner, Volker Worm, Manfred Günther, Helga Heinrich-Steudel, Manfred Kuhn, Peter swallow, Henrik Opitz, Lutz florets, Stefan Perner, Nils-Holger Wilms, Dietmar Isensee, Wolfgang Krug and many not mentioned ...

but particularly to the memory are those that were in this sport their lives or are already dead. So we bow especially in deep reverence Ulli Melkus, Bernd Kasper and Frieder Kramer.

Last but not least is to be reminded of the families of the racers and the volunteer mechanics that made this sport under enormous time and expense. They were all with her driver, a team, one heart and one soul.